Visiting Vinamilk Tay Ninh Dairy Farm today, you will have the most authentic feel of the largest industrial dairy farm in Vietnam and the region, but have the image of a “dairy resort”. “With patches of cool green trees, flowers and leaves interspersed between barns, cool-conditioned lakes, green grass fields as far as the eye can see…

Vinamilk pioneers in green, circular agriculture, environmental improvement, and sustainable development.

The stables, the cool air-conditioned lakes, the green grass fields

Going back to the years 2013, 2014 this land that Vinamilk took over in Tay Ninh is a land of perennial cassava cultivation, the whole land becomes barren, in the dry season the soil becomes infertile, dry and hard. The rain and mud on the ground caused the forerunners to give up and the recipients could not help but wonder and worry.

Many agricultural experts have come here, from Israel, the US to the EU and Japan to study and find solutions together.

With enthusiasm, vision, and the courage to apply new technology, the unit has come up with a comprehensive and synchronous plan with appropriate steps. More specifically, the land improvement on Tay Ninh farm in addition to investing in modern machinery and equipment, a core factor is the use of active soil amendments (NEMA2), Nema2 are included in the production stage. Organic fertilizer production helps to make the manure loose, rotting and rich in nutrients.

Nema2 in organic fertilizers, when added to the soil, helps to restore the soil in a neutral way, promote the increase of beneficial microorganisms, restore the amino acids to enrich the soil… so that not only the degraded soil will gradually disappear. can grow corn and other high-yielding crops, but also easy to cultivate organically, which requires a great deal of soil quality and especially does not use chemicals and fertilizers.

From there, the crop will have high quality, reduce nitrate, help improve the quality of livestock forage significantly.

That is a big step in green cycle, soil improvement from organic fertilizer combined with NEMA, and produce agricultural products that are good for animal health and the environment.

Nema2 is sprayed on the farm's soil and crops.

In addition to regenerated forage, the livestock environment is also invested synchronously and strongly by Vinamilk from design, technology selection as well as importing equipment, as well as the most advanced products.

The farm’s most breakthrough is the fact that it is located between residential areas but does not affect the common living environment, with the odor arising in livestock being thoroughly treated.

Treat odors by spraying NEMA1 throughout the barn, this active ingredient is also added to drinking water to help improve the health of livestock from the inside, so that the farm does not produce odors, does not fly.

Spray around the barn to reduce odors from livestock
Healthy dairy cows, high resistance, high quality milk

Thus, it can be said: with the application of new and most advanced scientific inventions, boldly investing, innovating thinking

Vinamilk Tay Ninh dairy farm has successfully transformed from a “dead” land into an area known as a “dairy resort”, a destination for tourists nationwide and the pride of Tay Ninh land. with the key is to develop a circular and sustainable economy.

Bo Sua Resort with a total area of ​​over 180,000m2


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